RMI Newsletters/Rule Commentary

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April, 2015 Greener Pony Pastures

February, 2015 USEF Online Medication Form

October, 2014 What's the Point?

March, 2014 Ten USEF rule changes you might not know yet

May, 2013 The Grass is Always Greener

May, 2013 Class of '13

April, 2013 USHJA Wants You!

March, 2013 Should Banana Joe be at the horse show?

February, 2013 R.S.V.P.

January, 2013 WHO KNEW? New USHJA Zone Awards for Equitation

October, 2012 What's the Point?

September, 2012 The More the Merrier

August, 2012 The Medal Platform

July, 2012 Pony Pointers for Pony Riders

June, 2012 Hunter Classics by the Numbers


April, 2012 Expounding to Elucidate Exhibitors on Equitation Equipment

March, 2012 Just call me Old Fashioned

February, 2012 Subject 1 - Make a Choice

January, 2012 Young Jumpers

December, 2011 When is a New Year not a year?  When it is a Qualifying Period.

November, 2011 Coming Soon to a Show Near You!

October, 2011 Amateur Hour

September, 2011 We interrupt this program . . .

August, 2011 Go Green; Go Green Again

July, 2011 Measurement Rules 101

May, 2011 So you want to ride a pony.  Who, what, when?

April, 2011 Spreads Matter; and we don't mean Smucker's

Supplement, 2011 Thank You for Helping RMI Help Others

March, 2011 Presidential Modification - Effective immediately

January, 2011 Time Out/Loss of Points? - Equitation Challenged

December, 2010 "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" and Renew

November, 2010 Case 2011:3-4, Child v. Adult

September, 2010 USEF's  Rubik's Cube - a/k/a combining and splitting divisions

August, 2010 Should you share so many numbers?

July, 2010 r.s.v.p. - also known as an "entry blank"

June, 2010 Higher Learning - Schooling for Jumpers

May, 2010 Summer is on its way, but you are going to school, no Schoolin'

April, 2010 Alfred B. Maclay

March, 2010 Course Diagrams - More than a pretty picture

February, 2010 Jumper Riders - Know your Numbers, Know your Paperwork

Supplement, 2010 Thank You for Helping RMI Help Others

January, 2010 What's the Point?

December, 2009 Amateur-Owner - Kinda, Sorta, Maybe

November, 2009 Make The Most of the Opportunity!

October, 2009 Ponies can jump, and jump high!

September, 2009 Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3 ........ 19

August, 2009 Back to School, Schooling that is

July, 2009 Equitation - What, When, How Many

June, 2009 So you want to ride a pony....

May, 2009 Metrication of the USEF

April, 2009 Take This Opportunity

March, 2009 Welcome to USEF Amateur Hour

February, 2009 HANDY HUNTER

January, 2009 Why care who goes in the Under Saddle?

December, 2008 Have you paid the piper yet?

October, 2008 What time will I show?

September, 2008 Martingale

August, 2008 How Are Show Championship Points Calculated?

July, 2008 USEF Affidavit - Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

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