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Part of a series of emails to our exhibitors in an effort to provide helpful information about their interaction with the show office and other staff at the show.  If you have a particular question you would like addressed, please feel free to make a suggestion.   Please note that every effort is made to ensure that all rule citations are current and correct as of the publishing date, however, USEF and other organizations continuously make rule changes throughout the year and with each new year. 

Thank You for Helping RMI Help Others

Beginning in 2008, RMI started a Ribbon Recycling program to benefit various equine-related organizations. We are delighted by every exhibitor who keeps their ribbon as a memento of their success at RMI.  But we know many of you do not keep your ribbons after the competition.  We wish to thank each exhibitor who took the time to bring your to-be-discarded ribbons to the show office rather than toss them in the trash to contribute to our landfills.  RMI credits one of several non-profits $.50/ribbon regardless of its condition.  RMI awards over 20,000 ribbons per year so you can see the potential!  For 2009, we received approximately 730 returned ribbons.  We were pleased to make contributions to the following:

Danny and Ron's Rescue - Camden, SC

Christian Veterinary Mission-Equine Fund - Seattle, WA

ASPCA-Equine Fund - Washington, DC

Horses 'n Heroes - Citra, FL
Attn:  Mindy Nolan-Morrow

Other ways to be Green:   Make your entry online, receive online prize lists instead of print, and check interactive schedules for the most up-to-date information.  We are working with our show facilities to establish bottle/can recycling.  If you have other suggestions, please share them with us at