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Part of a series of emails to our exhibitors in an effort to provide helpful information about their interaction with the show office and other staff at the show.  If you have a particular question you would like addressed, please feel free to make a suggestion.   Please note that every effort is made to ensure that all rule citations are current and correct as of the publishing date, however, USEF and other organizations continuously make rule changes throughout the year and with each new year. 

October 2009
Ponies can jump, and jump high!

Photo by L'Annee Hippique, Lausanne; published in = Steinkraus, William 1969. New and Revised Edition Riding and Jumping.  Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc.

Stroller - PONY ridden by Marion Coakes for the British Equestrian Team
Ladies' World Champion 1965; Olympic Silver Medal 1968

The 2001 AHSA (now USEF) Pony Finals, produced by RMI and John Rush, was the first time that Pony Jumpers were showcased in a national championship. Inclusion of Pony Jumper at the Pony Finals has generated renewed interest in a division that had just about gone the way of the Corinthian Hunter. 

A Pony Jumper may be of any breed, gelding or mare (stallions are prohibited) with a current USEF measurement card reflecting a height of 14.2 or under.  The rider must be a Junior Exhibitor.  The Pony Jumper may not be ridden by an adit in any section at the same competition. A Pony Jumper may not compete in any section where they are required to jump higher than 1.10m except Children's Jumper.  JP 118.4

USEF offers both National and Zone HOTY awards.Pony Jumper classes must be offered at .95m or higher to be considered for HOTY awards. Points accrue for any class where at least three competitors have competed. GR1113.  A competitor is considered to have competed after he has entered the ring and received the signal to start.  JP133.13. Points are awarded pursuant to the following table (GR  1131.2). 

Points are determined by each class respectively, not by the first class in the division as is done for the rated hunters.  Zone points are accrued only in competitions within the pony's owner's Zone of record (or contiguous states as set forth in Zone specs) - see GR 1111; this is different from the accrual of points for the Pony Jumper Championships which is based on the RIDER's Zone of residence.

To compete in the Pony Jumper Championships at Pony Finals, Junior members of the USEF who are US citizens may seek to represent their Zone.  The zone of each pony/rider combination is determined by the rider's point state.  See JP 100.4.  For a Pony to accrue points, the pony must be RECORDED with the USEF as well as being registered with USHJA.

The top four pony/rider combinations in each Zone will represent the Zone at the Championships.  A Zone team is comprised of at least three pony/rider combinations but no more than four pony/rider combinations.  Zones may combine to make up a team if they lack sufficient members from a single zone.  If no team is sent from a Zone, that Zone may send up to two individual pony/rider combinations to participate in the Individual Championship.  In the event a qualified pony/rider combination is unable to compete, no substitutions are permitted; the next qualified pony/rider combination may move to the vacated slot.  If a rider has two or more ponies in the top four positions of the standings, that rider may choose which pony he/she will take to the Championship.  In the event of a tie in the standings, the tie will be broken by the number of first place ribbons.

Points are tallied based on the table set forth at GR1131.2 Pony/rider combinations MAY accrue points outside of their home Zone.  Qualifying class specifications for each Zone differ.  For Zone 4, Pony, Low Children's and Children's Jumper classes held at 1.00m or higher are valid for qualifying.  Pony/rider combinations MAY accrue points by participating in Children's Jumper if the class otherwise meets Children's Jumper specifications.  Current qualifying period is June 2, 2009, through June 1, 2010.

To read in detail about the 2010 Pony Jumper Finals qualifying criteria go to:  or contact Jennifer Haydon at 
The North American League has long offered a special Pony Jumper Championship at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show held in the fall in Harrisburg, PA.  To qualify for the NAL Finals, a pony must collect points in NAL Pony Jumper classes offered at USEF horse shows.  To participate in a class, the rider does not need to be a member of NAL, but points only accrue to members.  Riders in NAL Pony Jumper classes accrue points at 10,6,4,2,1,1/2 multiplied by the number of exhibitors in the first round.  The number of ponies entered, regardless of number that complete, is the determining factor.  A minimum of three (3) must have entered in order for the class to accrue points.  NAL does not require prize money be awarded.  Jump height must be from .95m to 1.15m.  Class must be scored under Table 2.2(a)(time first jump-off); 2.2(b)(time first jump-off/stay in the ring; 2.2(c)(power & speed), or Table IV (Optimum Time).   The NAL Finals are jumped at .1.05m (3'5").To read in detail the NAL qualifying rules, go to

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