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Part of a series of emails to our exhibitors in an effort to provide helpful information about their interaction with the show office and other staff at the show.  If you have a particular question you would like addressed, please feel free to make a suggestion.   Please note that every effort is made to ensure that all rule citations are current and correct as of the publishing date, however, USEF and other organizations continuously make rule changes throughout the year and with each new year. 

July 2010 Newsletter
r.s.v.p. - also known as an "entry blank"

Every horse show provides to its exhibitors a form of entry which is the primary contact between the exhibitor and the competition before the show begins.  The entry form is also a contract between the exhibitor and the competition supplemented by the prize list and any oral communications.

The entry blank communicates the showing plan of the exhibitor to the competition; sets forth specific legal rights and responsibilities (e.g., the Federation Entry Agreement); and provides identifying information of the horse, trainer, owner, coach, and rider(s).

USEF GR 906 sets forth the minimum requirements of the entry blank
It must contain the name, age, sex, color, and height of each horse entered in any class in the competition.  GR 906.1
It must contain a space for an emergency contact phone number. GR 906.3
It must contain the Federation Entry Agreement.  GR 906.4
It must contain a space for each rider/handler, owner, trainer, and coach to sign. GR 909.

Post entries are any entries made after the advertised closing date.  GR 910.  According to the USEF, "post entries should not be encouraged ... [as it] often results in unfair competition, confusion during the competition, inability to collect proper fees, ... and disruption of the time schedule.  GR 910.2 When post entries are accepted, they must be made prior to the starting of the class and upon signature of exhibitor, his agent, or trainer.  GR 910.4 

We don't know a horse show office who doesn't prefer "stickers" to hand written entry blanks.  If you want a sheet of stickers for your horse, rider, owner, trainer, etc., just contact us and we are happy to provide you with a complimentary sheet of 30 labels for each horse/person.

At RMI our favorite method for an entry is to have an online entry complete with all information, but we will take your entry most anyway you need to get it started, including email and fax.  We don't yet have the capability to accept homing pigeons or telepathic messages.

Every horse show management has its own policies, but at RMI we try to make the entering process as easy as possible.  Here are several options to enter one of our shows.

1) use the online entry - a link is available from our website for each show or you can go to, search for the show, and make an entry.  Online entries are usually available six weeks before the show date; online entries close the first day of the show.  Two major advantages to online - once you enter a show, your computer saves a "cookie" so you do not have to recreate your horse's information again the next time you enter an RMI show online.  Second, you push a button and the entry is delivered without needing to find a stamp and envelope, make copies for multiple horses, or worrying about courier charges.  This online form is NOT intended to be printed and sent to us.

2) use the website pdf entry blank - available at the top of each show schedule page on our website, you can fill in the form (type it on the computer or print and write), then print it off to mail or email with your initial payment.  If using the generic RMI entry blank, stall prices are listed on the official's page available online or in hard copy.

3) use the hard copy traditional entry blank (typed, hand written, stickers)

4) Desperate?  Send an email with the basics; we will get the remainder of information from you and/or our database.

In all cases, a back number will not be issued until there is a signature for the owner, trainer, rider, and, if applicable, coach along with an open check or complete credit card information.

Having class numbers on the entry blank is very helpful, but not crucial.  If you have a guess, go ahead and note your classes.  RMI never charges to add or delete classes from your account.  If you don't know your classes, send in your entry and the classes can be added later.  We do encourage you to add/scratch classes at least the day before showing to ensure your inclusion on the class/announcer sheets.  It also helps you and all exhibitors plan the day when a reasonably accurate class count is available the evening before.  (Class counts are available from the office and online; online class counts are updated several times during the day as well as at the end of each day).

If you have recently obtained credentials (e.g., a measurement card in the last 45 days, paid for a membership or horse registration) it is very important that you bring to the show proof of the credentials, usually the "pink copy" of USEF applications, white copy of a measurement card, or a printout of the online registration receipt.  Please note that USEF currently gives you an USEF ID number when you register a horse online but it does not indicate USHJA registration which the show must confirm, therefore, if you registered online, a print out of the receipt is essential.  It can take USEF up to 45 days to update their online records.  Also, if there is a problem with a registration/application, USEF does not contact the exhibitor, so having the receipt becomes crucial so that a resolution can be addressed.

If you want to get the prepaid stall price (which we offer at many RMI shows) you have three options - you can mail a check (open or for the stall amount; you will need to bring an open check to the horse show in any event); two, you can send us an entry blank or written paper with your credit card number (Visa or MasterCard), expiration, billing address, and cardholder's name; or three, you can make a payment via Paypal (which will take a wider variety of credit cards as well as withdrawals from your checking account).  A Paypal payment does incur an additional convenience fee on your show account.

Submitting a complete and timely entry blank allows the show office to serve you more promptly at check-in and allows management to better plan and organize your showing experience.  Have you ever hosted a formal dinner and had a dearth of timely responses?  It is the same for a show hosting your competition.  The more information we have in a timely manner, the more fun the party will be for everyone.