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Part of a series of emails to our exhibitors in an effort to provide helpful information about their interaction with the show office and other staff at the show.  If you have a particular question you would like addressed, please feel free to make a suggestion.

 JULY 2008


    We have previously encouraged you to have all your credentials with you for every horse show even though most horse shows have a prior database or Internet access.  But you should not rely on the show just in case.  If you are at a show where you do not have your membership cards, you may be asked to complete an USEF Membership Affidavit.  This form is used when an exhibitor is unable to prove current membership in USEF and/or USHJA.  The fee is $5.00/show.  The fee is the same whether the affidavit is for USEF and USHJA or just one or the other.  The fee should be added to your horse show account and NOT paid by separate check or credit card.  However convenient you think this form is, be very cautious.  There is an AUTOMATIC $200 fine levied by USEF if the form is signed and the information is false.  USEF may consider extenuating circumstances and waive the fine, but do not be cavalier, especially if you are signing on behalf of someone else.

    The Affidavit is NOT an alternative for a missing horse number.  A horse number must be provided to the show office. GR1101.  If a number is not available but the exhibitor is sure the horse has a number, the show should allow them to exhibit and put "not provided" in the horse number field.  Prohibiting an entry because of failure to have a number is not appropriate.  Likewise, knowingly applying for a duplicate horse number is not permissible.    GR1101.    An exhibitor who fails to provide a number to a competition or who represents a horse has a number when there is no such number, is subject to disciplinary action.

   The Affidavit is NOT an alternative for a measurement card or copy thereof.  If you do not have the animal's measurement card with you and the show cannot electronically verify a measurement, the only alternative is a "day measure."  You must have a measurement card to show in Junior Hunter, even if they are not split in size at the show.  You must have a measurement card to show in any class restricted to ponies, whether or not it is a rated class.  Your best plan is to ALWAYS keep a copy of your measurement card with the animal; copy paper is cheap.  There are too many unknowns if you have to get another measurement.  Do not put your animal's showing status at risk by forgetting your paper work.  Perhaps more important,if you require a "day measure" for more than one (1) competition during the competition year, USEF will assess a $250 fine for each remeasurement.  HP127.3/JH125.3.

    If you have had the experience in past years of completing a Non-Member form, note there is no longer any such form.  While it was part of the Affidavit form, now the horse show is to collect the fee and remit the funds to USEF without the additional form. 

Best plan: submit copies of all your membership information, horse numbers and measurements with your entries.  This will prevent any questions of your showing status, make your check-in a quick and easy process, and avoid additional fees and penalties from USEF.