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Part of a series of emails to our exhibitors in an effort to provide helpful information about their interaction with the show office and other staff at the show.  If you have a particular question you would like addressed, please feel free to make a suggestion.   Please note that every effort is made to ensure that all rule citations are current and correct as of the publishing date, however, USEF and other organizations continuously make rule changes throughout the year and with each new year. 

USEF Online Medication Form

USEF now offers an exhibitor the option to submit their Medication Form online.  The form can be accessed with a computer or a smartphone.  No more tracking down the Steward or Office Representative, no more rejected forms due to incomplete information, and you get an electronic confirmation of timely submission.  

Medication forms may still be completed manually and submitted at the competition; please use the most current form which is marked "revised 2-13" in lower right corner. 

Whether submitting online or manually, make sure you complete every box and list a therapeutic reason for the medication.  Shipping, clipping, floating teeth do not qualify.

Here is how to find the form online:

Rules & Regulations
Drug & Medications
link on far right of page
NEW Medication Form

some helpful hints; 

when you complete the medication section, be sure to click the blue bar below the product section that reads "add medication."

when you are putting in the horse show, if you do not know the competition number, use the "search" feature in  the blue bar below the competition section.

If you have questions about the form or any medications, call 800-633-2472 or

The USEF Steward, or at some shows, the office representative, will still accept written forms, but we hope you find this new online option to be user-friendly.