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Part of a series of emails to our exhibitors in an effort to provide helpful information about their interaction with the show office and other staff at the show.  If you have a particular question you would like addressed, please feel free to make a suggestion.   Please note that every effort is made to ensure that all rule citations are current and correct as of the publishing date, however, USEF and other organizations continuously make rule changes throughout the year and with each new year. 

2013 February Newsletter



When you submit an entry to a horse show, you are accepting the competition's invitation to attend. Ever given a party when many of your guests did not respond or responded at the last minute? Think how a show manager feels when he is trying to have everything ready for the guests, and he has nothing more than "gut instinct" as a guide for how many to expect.


When you submit an entry to a horse show, you are also entering into a legally binding contract having accepted a written offer (a/k/a the prize list). USEF GR909.1 states that "Entries must be made in writing and signed . . ." Who can sign? As a practical matter any person age 18 or over can act as agent for the exhibitor, the trainer, and the rider/handler. GR909.1 When you allow someone to pick-up your back number and sign your entry blank, you are authorizing them to act as your agent.


Did you know USEF rules say that an entry "must be accompanied by funds to cover entry fees, stall fees and Federation fees? GR 909.1 At RMI, we do not require funds to be submitted with your entry. Neither a deposit nor a stall fee is required. Who likes non-refundable air fares? Per GR912, as long as it is stated in the prize list, the Competition may set the penalty to be assessed for an entry that is canceled. RMI has institued a NO FEE TO SCRATCH/CANCEL policy. 


RMI waves the requirement to submit an initial entry accompanied by funds, but does require that a method of payment be on file for each entry before a back-number is released. Acceptable methods of payment are (1) cash deposit equal to the estimated charges; (2) a signed check, dated no later than the day it is tendered (e.g. no post-dated checks are accepted) with the amount left open; or (3) complete credit card information.


Post entries are any entries made after the advertised closing date. GR910.1 Post entries are only to be accepted prior to the starting of the class. GR910.4.


The entry blank of each Licensed Competition must contain the name, age, sex, color and height of each horse entered in any class. GR906.1 For a competition offering Jumper classes, the entry blank must contain a designation of citizenship for the rider. GR906.2


The entry blank must contain a space for an emergency contact phone number. GR906.3 It does not say that the emergency number must be provided, but would you not want to be contacted if an emergency arose involving your associates, your staff or your horse?


Why do we ask for your Social Security Number/Federal Identificaiton Number (TIN)? Each Licensee is required by federal law to report gross winnings (i.e. prize money before deducting showing expenses) of six hundred dollars and 00/100 ($600.00) or more for each reporting entity. USEF rules allow a competition to withhold prize money until a valid TIN is provided. GR 1210.6  When you provide a TIN to RMI, you are certifying that the recipient of prize money is not subject to withholding AND that the recipient name and TIN correspond with IRS records.  For example, if your social security card reads "Jonathan Doe-Smith," you cannot provide the name as "John Smith." 


We know how important it is to keep your personal information secure. We are well aware of the consequences if your TIN, credit card/checking, or other critical information gets into the wrong hands. RMI uses software that encryps sensitive data, we hold all paper records in secure storage, and we have a licensed company destroy the information as it ages (per USEF rules, after three competition years). GR1210.11


With the advent of technology, how you submit an entry now provides a myriad of options. Some shows only accept a written entry, with every information box complete, written on the form provided by the competition, delivered by hand or by courier (USPS or other).  At RMI, an entry has been submitted when you supply three (3) pieces of information:

Which Competition you are entering

Horse's Name

Owner's Name


At RMI we have tried to make it as easy as we know how for you to RSVP. We don't have the capability to process carrier pigeons, but just about any other method is fine with us. Here are your options; if you think we should consider another, please make a suggestion.


1) Find a hard copy of our entry blank, fill it out and send it to us. How can you send it?

facsimile - 904-592-6604

scan and email -

US Mail or any courier service - 2344 Laurel Road, Jacksonville, FL 32207

(we discourage requiring a signature as it may significantly delay receipt).


2) Go to our website and locate our pdf general entry blank. Fill it out and send it to us as you would have a "show specific" entry blank. If you have the full Adobe Acrobat, you can save and make changes for future use, if you just have Acrobat Reader, you will print it out when you are satisfied with the information and have to re-type the next time you wish to enter an RMI competition.



3) Go to our website, go to the specific horse show of interest, and complete the show-specific online entry option provided through our show software, (HST). This portal also provides the most current schedule and, close to the competition, class counts for pre-entries. With proper "cookies" settings, HST saves your information for ease of entry the next time you show with us. If you have technical questions about using this form, we often can help.


4) Subscribe to Equestrian Connect

 ( This service makes entering very easy and complete for most USEF competitions. Equestrian Connect stores your information, validates its accuracy, provides show-specific forms and gives you TWO options for submission. You can print and mail or for RMI (and some other shows) you can submit your entry online. This service is extremely helpful to trainers and barn managers with multiple entries. The annual cost (with a 45-day free trial period) is less than many shows charge for a late entry.


5) Send us an email with the 3 basics:


We may need to ask for more information, and we will always require signatures and payment arrangements before you pick-up your exhibitor number, but with the minimum of information, we consider you entered at our competition. Do we want more information in advance? OF COURSE. It means we can be better prepared at your arrival and get you in and out of the office in under a minute. But if you plan to attend the show and do not have time in advance to complete a form, we still want to hear from you. For our regular exhibitors, much of the information is maintained in our secure database and there is no reason to repeat the information on a new entry. So help yourself, your fellow exhibitors, and your show manager - let us know you are coming.