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Part of a series of emails to our exhibitors in an effort to provide helpful information about their interaction with the show office and other staff at the show.  If you have a particular question you would like addressed, please feel free to make a suggestion.   Please note that every effort is made to ensure that all rule citations are current and correct as of the publishing date, however, USEF and other organizations continuously make rule changes throughout the year and with each new year. 

2011 December Newsletter
When is a New Year not a year?  When it is a Qualifying Period.

The basic competition show year for USEF Horse of the Year Awards and USHJA/USEF Zone Awards remains December 1 through November 30 to coincide with the membership year.  But numerous “goal” events have shifting qualifying periods.  Below is a list we thought might be helpful; RMI offers qualifying classes for all the listed events.  The location of the Junior Hunter Finals (East & West) along with the Hunterdon Cup have not been confirmed; the location and dates reflect the most likely information based on prior years.  Every effort has been made to reflect accurate information as it is available at this time; be sure to confirm with the sponsoring organization before making final plans.

1 Hunterdon Cup is open to a winner of any USEF Hunt Seat Medal, Maclay, USEF Talent Search, or WIHS Classic Equitation class.  The class is held in conjunction with the USEF Junior Hunter Finals-East.

2 Listed is the Finals; Qualifying Period is to be eligible to compete at an ASPCA Maclay Regional which is held during the first three weeks of September, depending on location; not all Regional participants will be eligible for Finals.