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Part of a series of emails to our exhibitors in an effort to provide helpful information about their interaction with the show office and other staff at the show.  If you have a particular question you would like addressed, please feel free to make a suggestion.   Please note that every effort is made to ensure that all rule citations are current and correct as of the publishing date, however, USEF and other organizations continuously make rule changes throughout the year and with each new year. 

August 2011 Newsletter
Go Green; Go Green Again

A Green Hunter is a horse of any age in its first or second year of showing in any classes in which the national specifications require horses to jump 3'6" or higher. HU 103.1 This means that if a horse shows in Alaska in the Junior Hunter Division, for example, where the fences are set at 3'3", the horse has still broken its green since the national specifications have Junior Hunter fences at 3'6". [Staff email 7/29/11]. 
A horse’s green status is considered broken once it competes over fences 3'6" or higher.  HU103.2  This means if a horse shows at 3'6" or higher in a Combined Training Event, in a 1.1m class (here or abroad), or in any class where fences are 3'6" or higher, then it has broken its green.  As a practical matter, USEF can only “police” USEF Competitions, but someone else may challenge your horse’s eligibility, and of course, fair play and honesty should matter.
When shown in a Green Section a horse in its first year of showing over fences 3'6" or higher must be shown as a First Year Green horse; a horse in its second year of showing over fences 3'6" or higher (Second Year Green classes are held at 3'9") must be shown as a Second Year Green horse.  HU103.1

A Green pony is a pony in its first year of showing in any classes that require ponies to jump the regulation height or higher for its respective section (2'3" for small, 2'6" for medium, 2'9" for large).  HU104.1
Without a measurement, you may not know it is a small/medium/large pony when it jumps, but if it is found to have jumped its respective height, it will have broken its green.  For example, an animal that is shown in an unrated Schooling Hunter class at 2'9" that is subsequently found to be a large pony will have broken its green in the year it jumped in the Schooling Hunter class.  Even though the Schooling Hunter class was not limited to ponies and/or the animal did not have a measurement card at the time it competed in the Schooling Hunter class. [Staff email 8/2/11].
Showing in Canada over regulation height fences regardless of Equine Canada rules for the pony’s height, breaks the pony’s green status.  HU104.1a.
A pony may not obtain another year of green status by moving into another Pony Hunter Section. HU104.1b.

The competition year starts December 1.  What happens if you show a few times and find your animal is not ready for the challenge or gets hurt before it experiences the “miles” of the Green division?

IF prior to September 1
(1) the animal has not shown at the regulation height at more than four (4) competitions; and
(2) the animal has not shown in an USHJA International Hunter Derby; and
(3) the animal has not shown in the Junior Hunter Championships/National Pony Finals;
THEN green status may be reinstated.  HU1051

What you have to do:
The animal must stop competing over fences of its respective height or higher for the remainder of the competition year;
The animal must be Recorded ($75 annual/ $200 lifetime)(not just USHJA registered) at the time the request is submitted;
The request must be made during the year in which green status was broken;
The owner of record (not an agent) must submit a letter stating the animal’s name and Recording number and requesting green reinstatement; 
The letter must be accompanied by a $25.00 processing fee AND a list of competitions with dates where the horse or pony competed at its regulation [height] or higher;
The letter must be sent certified/return receipt mail (email nor fax will suffice); and
The letter must be received by the Federation office on or before November 30th of the year of withdrawal.  HU105

Green Reinstatement will be granted only one time for a first year horse and one time for a second year horse, or one time for a pony.  HU105.1.e.

What if the Federation says “NO?”
The owner may submit a written appeal to the Federation Hearing Committee.  If you have a horse, there is an $100 appeal fee; if you have a pony, the appeal is free.  HU1051.f

Not Quite Green
Several Zones define their Pregreen Hunter eligibility similarly to the Green Hunter definition and likewise provide for some type of Reinstatement.

For example,
Zone 2 A Pre-Green hunter is a horse in its first two consecutive years of showing that has never shown over fences 3'6" or higher. . . . Horses that are otherwise eligible may return to pregreen after a first year green reinstatement.
Zone 3 A Pre-Green hunter is a horse in his first or second year of showing over fences 3' or higher at Regular Member Competitions or Combined Training Events. . . . Reinstatement rules are the same as for Green Hunters.  If a horse has been reinstated from First Year green, it must show as a second year pre-green horse. 
Zone 4 A Pre-Green hunter is a horse that has not competed in classes with fences 3' or higher, and is in its first two years of showing in USEF rated divisions at Regular Member Competitions.  [no provision for reinstatement]
Zone 5 A Pre-Green hunter is a horse in its first or second year of showing over 3' to 3'3" fences at USEF Regular Member or Canadian Equestrian Federation or any national or international competition. . . . Once a horse has shown 3'6" he is not eligible to compete in the Pre-Green Hunter division.  Exception: green reinstatements.  Pre-Green may not be reinstated.

Beginning December 1, 2011, there is a National Specification for Pre-Green though only Zone Points will be awarded.  A Pre-Green horse is defined as:
A horse of any age in his first or second year of showing over 3' or 3'3" fences.  A horse’s Pre-Green status is not affected by showing as a three year old.  
The 2012 National Specifications provide for a one-time reinstatement following the same procedures outlined for a Green Hunter.  2012 HU106.3

So keep in mind that fair competition is the goal of all these rules without penalizing the horse that gets hurt or otherwise is not able to move forward over higher fences.  Evergreen is not the objective!