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Part of a series of emails to our exhibitors in an effort to provide helpful information about their interaction with the show office and other staff at the show.  If you have a particular question you would like addressed, please feel free to make a suggestion.

APRIL 2009
Take This Opportunity

The 2009 show year brought a new category of classes at a USEF horse show.  Opportunity Classes are limited to 20 classes per show.  They may be offered at any level of competition that does not offer FEI recognized classes.  GR 137.1.  Opportunity Classes may be offered for classes at 2'6" or below.  GR 821.2.f(3). Horses competing in Opportunity Classes ARE subject to Drug & Medication rules but DO NOT pay the  USEF $15/horse-drug fee.  GR 407.1.  Riders/Owners/Trainers competing only in Opportunity Classes do not need to be USEF/USHJA members nor pay a non-member fee.  GR901.9. 

At RMI shows we are offering a full range of Opportunity Classes including Short/Long Stirrup.  Short/Long Stirrup is a year-end division for most local associations but qualifies as USEF Opportunity Classes.  Similarly, if our schedule permits, we offer Pre-Child/Pre-Adult divisions as Opportunity Classes which may be year-end divisions for a local association.  We o ffer blue/red warm up for all Opportunity Class heights.  In prior years we offered Academy Classes; these classes were restricted to horses used regularly in lesson programs.  With Opportunity classes there is no restriction on the horse's experience or ownership.

If a horse is exhibited by a rider in Opportunity Classes and then another rider in other open classes, the owner and trainer of the horse must be a member or pay non-member fees ($30 USEF / $30 USHJA).  Likewise, the horse then becomes subject to the $15 USEF horse-drug fee and must have a USHJA horse number (a one-time $30 fee) .  The second rider would also need to be a member or pay non-member fees.   

Opportunity Classes are a great way for the young or inexperienced rider to participate at the USEF horse show.  So take the opportunity for everyone in your group to join us at RMI horse shows.

MARCH UPDATE - Amateur Rule

On April 3, 2009, the USEF Board of Directors voted to postpone the implementation of the new Amateur-Owner Jumper rule from April 1 to December 1; presumably at that time the jumper rule will mirror the hunter rule.  For now, Amateur-Owner Jumper riders may ride horses owned by others without restriction unless the class is restr icted to Amateur-Owners..