"Isn't This Fun" Junior/Amateur High-Point Jumper
"Isn't This Fun" Memorial Trophy
donated by Richard & Debi Jaynes,
Woody Dykers, and Betsy Tengstrom
Germantown, TN 1-800-869-0960 and Franklin, TN 1-800-799-8225

Presented to the horse who accumulates the most points in RMI jumper classes restricted to juniors or amateurs (Jr/AO or CH/AA). ). Horses accumulate points based on points (10,6,4,2,1,1/2) earned in classes held December 1 to November 30 as follows: only one class per section at each RMI show will count; the highest money class or the last class of the respective section when there is no prize money offered. The winner will have the horse and owner's name engraved on the perpetual trophy, and he/she will receive a trophy.

2013 Ramona QuimbyNatalie Hughes
2012 Miss Scarlett Camryn Hulsey
2011Cavliere NochePhyllis Tuggle
2010Amerikan RomanceReid Rickett
2009KiwiElaina Plott - Rider;Donald Stewart - Owner
2008FidelioHeidi Oldham
2007DonegalMorgan Mayer
2006 Lavaro Emily Wygod
2005 Apeldoorn Penelope Strait